The Haiku Kookie is the Japanese restaurateurs alternative to the Chinese Fortune Cookie.


What is “Haiku”?  Haiku is a very popular form of Japanese poetry with origins going back many centuries.  Haiku’s are very short written expressions that convey a vivid impression, usually only three short lines averaging twelve syllables, but never more than seventeen.


A Haiku is a first impression, like a snapshot that strikes the mind suddenly upon feeling, seeing, hearing or thinking about something, someone or some event.  Consequently the written words are akin to shorthand, devoid of proper sentence structure, grammar, punctuation or spelling, it is just the simplistic basics of the perception are noted.  The beauty of Haiku is this simplicity which can convey so much awareness and meaning.


Modern Haiku is now practiced throughout the world and covers every conceivable subject. The Internet must be given credit for bringing Haiku to the masses.  Just go to the Google Search Engine or and type in “haiku” and be prepared for a deluge of Haiku information and books from all over the world.


What is a “Haiku Kookie”?  A Haiku Kookie is the Japanese restaurateurs answer to the Chinese Fortune Cookie.  When you finish a Chinese meal you usually receive with the bill a few Fortune Cookies, in a Japanese restaurant you only get the bill.  But from this day forth forward thinking Japanese restaurants will provide tasty rolled almond cookies containing a Haiku.  Simply snap the rolled cookie in half, eat, read, discuss, ponder and enjoy.


Sample Haiku’s – Japanese Restaurant – Humor


comes the bill                         
that much ugh
but also a haiku

shrimp tempura

many vegetables
where is shrimp
korean bar-b-q
very low price
where is fido
poor little haiku cookie
poetry in almond shell
eaten pondered forgotten

pork udon very hot
many thick noodles
very thin pork

chicken curry rice
lots of rice
mo skoshi chicken

whats this  is sake
looks like water
drive very carefully

fugu on sale
amateur chef
picture menu 10 shrimp
and nice big ones
8 small shrimp served

hot sake very smooth
romance abounds
morning no wallet

cold asahi beer
big brown bottle
very nice

live worm in sushi
maggot in  rice
no extra charge

is sushi fresh
of course
why is it green
thursdays special plate
assorted mondays sushi
waiter disappeared
pretty girl at sushi bar
flirting with sushi chef
small finger with tuna

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