Resume (short form):   Manfred von Borks, Sc.D.


Education: (Partial listing)

Hollywood HS, Van Nuys High School - Graduated June 1948

U.S.Navy – Aviation Electronics Technician School (AT) – 1948/49

U.S.Navy – Combat Aircrew Radar/Navigation School - 1949

Electronic Technical Institute - Diploma in Electronics Engineering – 1955

University of California (UCLA) - Certificates, Grad. & Post Grad. Studies -1952/1970

Electronic Technical Institute - Doctor of Science (Electro Science) - 1965


Experience:   (Education and Experience Concurrent)

U. S. Naval Reserve - U. S. Navy 1946/1952

U. S. Naval Aviation Electronics Technician 1949/1952

U. S. Naval Aviator – Combat Aircrew Radar/Navigator Korea 1950/1952

Douglas Aircraft Co. – Flight Line Radar Technician - Lead Radar Technician 1953/1955            

Philco Corporation - Field Engineer - Applications Engineer - Sales Engineer 1955/1957

     Transistor Applications - Microwave - Military Avionics - Aerospace Weapons Systems.

Hoffman Laboratories – Manager Field Engineering - Marketing Manager 1957/1961 

     Military Avionics - Weapons Systems - Space Systems - Satellite Solar Power Systems.

Private Consultant - Technical Consultant to Government and Industry 1961/2000

     Advanced Technology Assessment, Evaluation, Applications and Marketing.

Technical Trading Company - President: TTC/USA - TTC/Japan - TTC/Hong Kong - TTC/Singapore - 1971/2000

     Import/Export of Advanced Technical Products, Chemicals, Patent & Manufacturing Licensing.
Fujitsu Limited, Tokyo, Japan - Staff Consultant/Technical Marketing    1971/1991

Asahi Electronics Inc. - Tokyo, Japan – Founding Director – 1972/Present

     Electronic Circuitry - Bus Bars - PC Board Manufacturing Equipment - PC Chemicals

Electro-Med Research Associates, Ltd. Hong Kong - Founding Director - 1979/1985

     Medical Electronics: Phonocardiography – T.E.N.S. - Electronic Acupuncture

Founding Director – Asahi Metals, Ltd. – Hong Kong – 1984/1996

     Solder - Solder Flux - Printed Circuit Board Chemicals


Professional Affiliations: (Partial listing Past and Present)
Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE)) – Member - 1955
Institute of Aeronautical Science (IAS)  - Member -  (1955
American Rocket Society (ARS) –  Member - 1955
Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers  (SMPTE) – Member- 1956

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 1956/Present – Life Member

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) 1956/2006 – Senior Member

University of California (UCLA) Alumni Association 1964/Present - Life Member


Fishery & Ocean Science - 2001/Present:

Research areas include: Albacore Tuna, White Sea Bass, Humboldt Squid, California Market Squid, Red Tide (HAB). Research/Development and Applications of Advanced Lures, Audio and Visual Fish Attractions Devices and Chum. Surface and Underwater Lighting Systems, Video Underwater monitoring Systems, Night Fishing Analysis and Applications.  Technical Consultant to: Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic TV, NOAA, Hopkins Marine Station, Moss Landing and more.  Facilities: San Pedro, CA - Office, Laboratory/Research Vessel...

Current activities: Anthropogenic Global Warming/Climate Change Dissident, Provocateur, and Author.


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